Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Faves: Whirly Wraps

By now, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I really like jewelry. I also like handmade items and anything local. Well, these Whirly Wrap bracelets fit all of those categories. They are made in my hometown- Athens, GA and are made custom--every one of them is different. In fact, you can send your wrist size and she will accommodate how small/big your wrist is!

I especially like these wrap bracelets because they aren't like other wrap bracelets. I was sent a cork bracelet (left) and a silk bracelet (right). Also included were the amazing hair ties that are on the bottom that I wore the entire week at the beach (these are AMAZING and work really well with my super thin hair). 
The bracelets also come in these awesome metal boxes that they can live in, so that they don't attract other pieces of jewelry!
Because there's no way in the world I can explain how cool cork bracelets are, I am quoting the Etsy site on this one: "What is so special about a Portuguese cork wrap bracelet? Cork is a renewable, sustainable resource that is eco-friendly and a vegan product. Used in the US for wine stoppers and flooring, it is also the perfect lightweight, supple material for summer wrist wear. Plus it comes in gorgeous colors."

The silk bracelets are equally as cool and here's what the site says about the silk, "These hand-dyed, 100% Asian silk ribbons have been steamed to retain their rich colors and have with neatly sewn edges. Soft and feathery~ there is nothing like wrapping silk around your wrist. Feel free to (cool) iron your ribbon if your want to freshen or smooth it back out. If the wrap has too much slack, simply put a half-knot close to the magnet(s) and fit to size."

They have these awesome magnets that screw in (but you can still put on/take off one handed) that help your bracelet stay on!

As you can see in the pictures above, included are complete instructions on how to put these bracelets on and take them to adjust their size, etc. You can also wear the silk one as a necklace!

Here are just a few ways I've worn these amazing bracelets...but they are totally a staple now! A simple and easy way to add a pop of color and talk about compliments!

Whirly Wraps are also available in this one:

So let me tell you a little more...

"What is a Whirly Wrap? When we moved to sunny Georgia a few years ago, my farmers market selling season for wooly goods was about 6 weeks! I missed the soothing repetitive motions of knitting. Enter fate. My daughter chose to be married in Antigua, Guatemala and the vibrant colors, diverse textures and stunning geometry of the local market textiles knocked the breath out of me. When I returned home I grabbed all my DMC thread, some silver discs and up-cycled sari silk from my stash and Whirly Wraps were born. I have found the rhythmic nature of wrapping thread is as meditative as knitting.

At first I was a clumsy Whirler. It took me nearly an hour to wrap a 1" washer smoothly and the ubiquitous knots almost got the better of me. They have taught me patience and are now my friends. A local gift shop began selling my sari silk Whirlies and suggested I make leather wraps for the boyfriends of these new Whirly Girls. I opened my Etsy shop and scheduled a season of festivals and farmers markets. My on-going challenge is to bring the thrill of buying in-person to the online experience." 

So where can you find these amazing bracelets?

or their Facebook page:

Seriously, you'll love these light-weight, comfortable and brightly colored bracelets that make a beautiful statement!



  1. Thank you so much Julia. If you are in the Athens area you can also find Whirlies at Frontier Gifts, downtown on Clayton and at my booth~ alternating weekends~ at the Athens Farmers Market and Oconee Farmers Market in Watkinsville. I'd love to see you there.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely try and stop by soon!