Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

My hope is that is on Sundays, I can summarize the week/weekend in photos so that you can have a sneak peek into my life.

It seems like E and I make a trip to Chick-fil-A ( every Monday. We enjoy our "date" and meeting other kids on the playground. E is still scared to go all the way up to the slide, but he made it a lot farther this trip than others. We always end our trip with Ice Dream!
My quick, but super fun story on this pic: E and I went to Marshall's (, E saw Spiderman and Hulk and wanted them so bad, but we told him that he had to wait on Santa to give them to him. Fast forward to Tuesday night (my grandma always comes over to my parents' house for dinner) and low and behold, she had a Spiderman and Hulk to give him. They weren't the same ones as the one in the store, but he had no idea and was in love!

It was COLD on Friday, but this little boy does not like to wear a jacket. I was totally mom of the year (sense the sarcasm) by letting him play outside without a jacket on (in the sprinkling rain). I was pretty much just proud that he had shoes on (I hate shoes and never wore shoes as a's a wonder I'm not sick all the time).
After coming in from the cold, E and our dog Milly (E calls her Yabby) curled up in my lap. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever learn about personal space, but other times I cherish the fact that they want to snuggle so much. The only times it drives me nuts is after a long run or when I'm typing on my laptop (hence E is literally attached at my hip right now, trying to kiss me).
Saturday morning was a 5K for a friend from high school that lost her life way too soon. I ran my own 5k at home (since I couldn't make it to the race) and ran my fastest 3.01 so far!
During the UGA v. Auburn game, E thought it'd be fun to play the piano...let's just say his lovely music would have probably been better than watching the game :)

So just a few photos to catch up on our week :)


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