Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Faves: Fall is almost over

I know that fall is almost over, but I can't help but post on my favorite fall things (we do have 3 weeks left of fall). I love just about everything about fall: pumpkin everything, dark nail polish, Burberry Brit, s'mores, skinny jeans, football and boots.

 There's nothing better than the crunching sound of leaves beneath your feet...seriously people!
I know that Halloween has come and gone, but roasted pumpkin seeds rank up on my list of my favorite fall things (I may have eaten an entire pumpkin worth of seeds by myself).
Speaking of pumpkins...nothing better than pumpkin picking with kiddos (I know this pic is dated, but I just love it so much).

 And did somebody say FOOTBALL?! We are a little UGA football obsessed in our house!
 Dare I say dark hair? Yes, this happened this fall! Holy cow!

Burberry - Brit Eau de Parfum 
My favorite scent of the season: Burberry just screams fall to me!

Gelish Elegant Wish Gel Nail Polish .5oz 
And what color am I wearing on my nails? I love Gelish Elegant Wish! It's the perfect wine color. I also like browns and dark blues on my nails, but this one is a little more work appropriate. Buy it here.

And if there was any doubt what my favorite taste of the season is (BTW it's still available in most Starbucks...just ask for it!)

Finally I'll leave you with this beautiful view of fall: my parents live on a small lake and it's gorgeous this time of year!


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