Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Thankfulness: Being a boy mom...

I feel very Carrie Bradshaw with my laptop on my lap and coffee in hand (no cigarettes and no crazy  column to write). I thought I'd start by writing about one of the most important people in my life because he's easy to write about. Mr. E. E is 2.5 years old and all boy. Before I found out that E was a boy, someone told me that she really didn't see me as a "boy mom" because I was so girly and what would I do with a boy. I don't resent her for saying that, but now I can't see myself as anything except for a "boy mom"...I mean what on Earth would I do with a girl (braid her hair? paint her fingernails? OHH, dress her in Lilly Pulitzer!)?

This is E and me tailgating before a UGA game (this is also me with my new brown hair! I still don't know what to think about being a brunette...).

Boys are like the most amazing gift that God could ever give someone. E is the most affectionate kid I've ever met (I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a very touchy feely person). He is a mama's boy through and through (and he can stay this way for as long as both shall live). Let's be honest, I'd do anything for him. There's nothing I love more than going on adventures with him, pretending that we are airplanes (or firetrucks or pirates), playing in the dirt and splashing in big muddy puddles.

This is E in a nutshell...wild, crazy and ALL boy! He has my sense of humor and outgoing personality times 1,000!

Mondays and Fridays are the best...those are my days where I don't go into the office, so E and I spend our time running errands, playing and lunch-dating. When we aren't running around, he's completely satisfied with curling up on the couch and cuddling (I love those times).

One thing I've learned about being a boy mom? You have to be go with the flow. I am type A through and through, but man have I lightened up. One of my best friends told me that she was worried about me being too strict and too tight-laced before I had E. She told me the other day that she's incredibly proud of how laid back I am (Drop your popsicle on the ground? I'll lick the dirt off and you can eat it. Fall down and scratch up your knees? I won't even tell you that your leg is gushing blood...just brush it off and get up).

Even though he's a boy, he's going to dress in Jon Jons and colored cords until he's potty-trained and totally objecting).

It's true what they say, God gives you exactly what you need...


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