Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Last Sunday was the last day of the BOGO Holiday beverages at Starbucks ( and so of course I had to make a Starbucks run and get a Peppermint Mocha and a Gingerbread Latte. I didn't drink both of them in the same day, but they sure were delicious!
Monday was such a gorgeous day...and by gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS! E and I ran our morning errands and then had a picnic. He loves having picnics because he doesn't have to sit still for too long. We then split a Popsicle!
Though he looks miserable in this picture, I swear he wasn't. Since Monday was so nice and I didn't get to run, I took E and Milly on a wagon ride around the neighborhood. It was a great workout!
On Wednesday I got a call from the dentist's office asking if I could swap my appointment from Thursday to Wednesday. In a panic, I said "If I can bring my 2.5 year old." They said it would be fine, but I still wasn't convinced. Y'all, I love the dentist...I look forward to it and could go every single day...well E is the same way I guess. He threw a fit because they were working on my teeth and he wanted them to look at his teeth. He was a great sport and the dentist and hygienist were so sweet to look in his mouth (even though he won't go for his first appointment until he is 3). He left with a new toothbrush (that he wanted to use right away), stickers and some dinosaurs. He cried when we got in the car because he wanted "my teeth...more."
My favorite soul food restaurant is closing down, so I feel like I have to go every week (wishing day) until they do close. I planned a date with some co-workers and it was so good. I think I ran an extra mile that night for all of the calories I consumed.
Last night was the last UGA game ( at home of the season. We had a great group for a chili tailgate. It was pretty darn cold, but fun to stand in the stadium one last time this season (and I ran into some fabulous friends from high school).

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'll be back for Menu Mondays tomorrow!


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