Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Running clothes

I know that it's getting colder out and most of my running clothes are summery, but I haven't quite found my favorite winter clothes and you can find the summer ones that I'm posting on sale now that it's colder out. There will definitely be a follow-up to this post when I figure out what I'm wearing in the winter.

Pro Compression Marathon ( socks are amazing. I swear by these suckers when I'm running farther than a few miles. The website describes these socks as: "Experience maximum benefit with the Marathon full-length, graduated compression sock. Compression technology helps improve blood flow, resulting in better, more consistent performance with less fatigue and faster, more efficient recovery. In addition to improving vascular performance, Marathon compression socks provide support to critical muscles and tendons, helping reduce inflammation and soreness.

They're pretty much amazing and look pretty darn cool too :)
I'm kind of obsessed with this Under Armour Tech Short Sleeve V-Neck shirt. I have it in several colors and I swear they are the most comfortable running shirts ever. They definitely wick away sweat and keep you nice and cool on a run. I actually bought a ton of Target running shirts when I first started running and will never go back to them after buying this one. You can find it here:
Under Armour Sonic Capris ( are great. I don't love running in capris (I'd much rather run in a pair of shorts, see below) but these are great. I always size down with these because I find that they tend to loosen up as you run. These have a small pocket on the back (perfect size for a Gu) but no pocket in the front if you're looking for something for your phone.
I cannot describe to you how much I love these shorts. They are my absolute favorite and I feel like I own them in every.single.color. Seriously! I bought these Under Armour Get Set Go Shorts ( on whim because I didn't want to wear super short and tight shorts. These shorts are short, but aren't so tight that you feel like you need to pull them down during a run. I seriously try to justify wearing these as often as I can (if it's 40 degrees or more, I'm in shorts). I really don't love running in capris/pants because I love these shorts that much. In fact, I ran the half (that started out at 40 degrees) in these shorts.
Finally, my all time favorite shoes are these Mizuno Wave Elixir ( shoes. They are lightweight and insanely comfortable. They're good for me because I have narrow heels and they don't slip and slide. The website describes them as: "Dominate the asphalt with the Mizuno® Wave Elixir 8 running shoe. Underfoot comfort and control are delivered by a combination of Dynamotion Fit and a light-weight midsole that will not disappoint. With these key features, your feet experience less stress, great stability and optimal energy return, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. The X-10™ carbon rubber outsole maintains steady contact with the road throughout your run."

We have a great running store in town that watches how you run and then helps you choose the best shoe depending on many different factors. Remember that when you're buying running shoes that everyone runs differently.

Here's to lots of fun runs!


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