Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Faves: Sta-Glam

It's no secret that I love make-up. I adore finding new products that I love and that I can share with my readers. Carrie and I had been following each other Instagram for awhile when I asked her if she'd be interested in collaborating, mainly because I was super curious about her lipgloss and I love making connections with small businesses. Carrie agreed instantly and sent me a Sta-Glam gloss in Blush Crush (basically I told Carrie to send me what she thought would work well with my hair and skin tone...something I'm still trying to figure out). Well, Blush Crush is a beautiful pink, sparkly color that I think really suits my personality and what I wear. I love how the gloss glides on and stays on. It's not sticky like other glosses and I don't find that my hair gets stuck in it when it's windy outside (that sounds ridiculous, but you know it's happened to you!). 

Let me tell you a little about Sta-Glam. Sta-Glam was founded in May 2013 and is located in Northwest Indiana. Carrie is a Freelance Make up Artist that specializes in Bridal makeup, boudoir, special event make up and photo shoots. She also offers individual make-up lessons and has already booked 30 weddings (and counting) for this year!

Carrie launched Sta-Glam lipgloss line in February 2014 and has already sold close to 200 lip glosses! That's pretty incredible! If you're thinking that the colors she has are a little wintery, never fear because she will be adding new spring colors (and I'm sure they will be super amazing!). 

Sta-Glam just added a private labeled make-up brush line too! All of her products are available at: You can also check out her awesome tutorials on brushes, brows and smokey eyes on her YouTube page:

Carrie regularly attends classes in Chicago to keep up with current trends, has been married to Tony for 8 years, is a mom to Anthony (2) and Aubrey (5) and earned a bachelor's degree in television and radio. 

I promise you'll love this stuff and Carrie is super helpful in helping you figure out what color works for you.


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