Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Memories

Another busy week down! At least I've marked a lot off of my to do list! We had great weather this week, so that definitely helps! Work has been busy, so I'm beyond thankful for four day weekends and wine ;)

Monday morning always means lots of snuggles...this boy loves his Legos and Milly!
I'm not sure what happened but he but his tongue and it bled a lot. Oh boys!
Mondays mean Junior League, Lilly and wine!
E is so sweet. He melts my heart at night when we snuggle and he tells me how much he loves me and how pretty I am. Did I mention he holds my hand too?!
Dinner on Wednesday was ala Paula Deen (it'll be posted on the blog soon).
My Stella and Dot purchases came in this week...soo excited for them!
Thanks goodness that Thursday means my work Friday. I celebrated with Beaujolais and sunshine (and the cutest little boy).
Life with a two year old boy is always and adventure. No big deal, just in my boots at 8 am.
My sister in law and I went thrifting. I was pretty excited about my $1.98 purchase!
We went to one of my fav restaurants for my brother's birthday. E was fabulous at dinner and the food was awesome!
A lot of sunshine, some lace, Krazy Larry and Lilly!
I ran my last long run before the half...10 miles. It wasn't my fastest but it's over and I'm thankful for that!
We had a baby shower at our house Saturday (the weather was perfect to have everyone outside). E had a crazy nosebleed so we gave him a cupcake for his medicine.

Sweet E had some yucky bug on Sunday so we cuddled a lot. He's feeling better (thank The Lord) and I hit up Banana Republic and Gap while he was napping!

Hope y'all had a great week! Looking forward to this one!


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