Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Memories

Spring is here! The weather is warming up and I love it! Thaat means lots more Lilly and dresses! I'm hesitant to switch out my closet...what if there's another cold spell?! Maybe I'll get to it this week!

Monday we read lots of books and cuddled!
This boy likes to kiss...a lot!
The hubs had some cake leftover from the men's retreat and I took care of it!
And there were lots of puppy kisses this week!
E never gets pasta...he says yuck, well he could have eaten the whole pot of my homemade sauce and then he ate noodles! Crazy!!
A run Thursday night ended with a glass of wine...I'll take it!
Remember that you can submit a short story about your fav scent (see my Friday post) to win a natural perfume from Victoria Jess!
Sometimes we are silly :)
Sunday was a busy day, but going to the Sip and Shop at Pure Barre Athens was so fun!
Sunday night we attended a parenting event at our church with UGA coach Marck Richt and his wife Kathryn. They were super sweet and funny! 

Hope you had a great week!
Cheers to 80 degrees this week!


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