Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Yurbuds

Let me start by telling you that I was in no way paid to write this post. This is my opinion and me sharing with you about something I love (was that a good enough disclaimer?).

I've tried several different kinds of earbuds when running (I won't name them all here...I'm not here to discourage certain brands) and always had trouble with them staying in my ears. I seriously must have the smallest ear canal in the world. They fall out every five seconds and I'll never forget a long run I went on, I spent more than half the time shoving them back in my ears. I swear after that run, my ears were more sore than my legs...I think I had literally hit by ear drum.

I'm pretty sure you can read a million reviews online, but you have to work for you. I did a lot of research...went to several stores, talked to all kinds of people...and finally settled on trying Yurbuds (with the hope that they would stay in for at least a few minutes). The guy I talked to at Best Buy was a little on the nerdy side, so I wasn't positive that they were really going to be great.

I was also nervous after my last experience, but much to my surprise, they were FABULOUS!

The website gives you this description: "Designed specifically to fit smaller ears, the FlexSoft™ and TwistLock™ technologies guarantee they will never hurt or fall out. These sweat & water-resistant yurbuds allow for ambient noise awareness and deliver consistent, premium sound. Available in six colors, yurbuds Inspire for Women are the perfect training partner for any female athlete."

No doubt that I bought them in pink. I ran 10 miles with them and they didn't fall out a single time. I will say that they didn't completely block out the road noise (which I'm okay with because then I didn't have to turn my music down to listen for cars). 

Seriously, best headphones I've ever unbelievably happy!


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