Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Faves: Elijana Cosmetics, Confidence is Key

I'm going to be honest, I'm not very confident. I know I've said it on the blog before and I really do mean it. I'm not one of those girls that thinks she's beautiful or expects people to talk about how great she looks...I'm really not. Of course I have days that I think "man, this outfit looks good on me" or "damn, I'm skinny today." I think it wouldn't be healthy if we didn't have days where we thought highly of ourselves.

One of my biggest concerns has been my skin. I used to have perfect skin and didn't think twice about it. As I've gotten older, (maybe after I had E) my skin has changed. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks, I tend to breakout more and I'm getting a few wrinkles...oh, and did I mention that I have bags under my eyes?! There's also something about being a mom that makes you feel like you aren't as pretty as you used to be...maybe it's the hormones, the exhaustion or the fact that you don't have time to spend on yourself. I promised myself when I had E that I wasn't going to be a frumpy mom...that I was going to take time to do my hair and make-up and put on cute clothes. For the most part I've stuck to that...

When I first started blogging, I was talking to Lindsey at Alta moda and she mentioned her wonderful friend Jana of Elijana Cosmetics. Lindsey told me a story about how she had her make-up done for an event and she felt like a million bucks. Now, Lindsey is GORGEOUS and she should feel like a million bucks every day, but I know exactly how she feels. Well, enter collaboration with Jana, Lindsey and me.

The pictures are by my amazing photographer brother Dylan Wilson, make-up is done by Jana at Elijana Cosmetics, clothes and are shoes styled and available at Alta moda and jewelry is Bent by Courtney and Bourbon and Boweties.

If you want to feel really good about yourself, take time...let Jana put your make-up on you and go somewhere special with someone you love :)

"Elijana Retail Store & Makeup Studio is a FIRST for Athens, A place that supplies and applies makeup for all occasions, such as Special Events, Proms, Formals and Weddings. It's the place to stop by and pick up anything you need for your makeup bag. Our motto is 'It's All About You.'"

"Elijana carries their own brand of Mineral Makeup. Everything that they have from face to eyes is good for you, they wanted everything that you were putting on your face to have some form of benefit. So they researched throughout the USA until they found the right manufacturer. So all of their makeup products are made here in the USA. No animal testing."

I want to make this a two-part blog post because there's so much information here. I want you to know how amazing Elijana is, but I also want you know how confident the right make-up and clothes make you feel.
So let's start with Elijana. Jana sat me down and asked me about my skin concerns. I voiced all of them and she really listened. Then she applied mineral makeup to my skin that basically felt like I had no makeup on. It was pretty incredible. We talked about lip color and eye shadow colors...what works for my skin and my hair color (now that I'm brunette).
One of my favorite parts of Elijana Cosmetics is the custom foundation that they make. This was a treat that my mom gave me for my birthday this year. The foundation provides a specific shade for each person's skin tones and any concerns you may have (dry skin, oily skin, etc.). Most women wear the wrong foundation and now I'm wearing the right one...that makes me feel incredibly more confident (no makeup lines here!). Jana uses various colors (purples, greens, blues, yellows and pinks) to mix the perfect color to pick up on the undertones in everyone's skin.
Another thing that I love about Elijana is that they offer hands-on makeup lessons so that you can really learn about what works for you, how to fix colors and where to apply shading. I really had no idea what I was doing as far as makeup!
So instead of sharing all of the pictures today (like I said, this is going to be a two-part post) I'll leave you with a sneak peek. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you've seen it, but without further ado...

Check back for all of the pictures soon :)



  1. So pretty! I love mineral makeup because it is so quick and easy. It is so nice that they do individual skin consultations. I just threw out a ton of old makeup yesterday and I am down to my last foundation and mineral makeup so I'm going to look into this when I run out!!

    1. Meredith, you totally should. It's amazing and literally looks airbrushed (and feels soooo light). I absolutely love it! Xo!