Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Memories

Well it was a fun week with the snow and all (y'all saw how much fun we had in a previous post). Here's a few more pics and a recap of our week...
Monday E and I decided to have a was sunny, but windy :)

I cherish moments like this. E loves to snuggle but I know one day he will be too cool. I love this sweet boy so much!
I know you saw these pics in the snow the other day, but the snow really was most of our week (and the most fun!).

And then it was a late start to work on Thursday, but not without a few cuddles first.
My coworkers know that I should be celebrated all month long, so they took me to lunch to begin my birthday 😀
I took the coldest run ever on Thursday evening. Hubs was home early, so I took advantage of running outside (even if there was snow).
Saturday I started the birthday weekend off in Lilly and Jcrew. And this amazing necklace by Piece & Tranquility (blog post soon).
And then this amazing necklace from Jill Massey came! Literally dying over it (I haven't taken it off). For those wondering, it's E's name. She will be on the blog soon too!
Hubby sent me for a pedicure during E's naptime. If we are being honest here, my feet looked awful and I'm pretty sure the girl had no idea what to do with them. I'm happy to report that after she used the cheese grater on them, they're so much better!
Saturday pm we got dressed up and headed to dinner with our best couple friends (shirt: Rag & Bone, pants: Krazy Larry, shoes: Bamboo, necklaces: Bent by Courtney and Jill Massey). I had a glass of champs (or 3) while I was getting ready...FYI champagne flutes are way too small!
Sunday I ran my last time as 2_. It was a short run but felt good to cram one in before...
I headed to get a facial (I had a gift card from a million years ago).

Today, my birthday, will be filled with fun and family. I'm so thankful for this past year and look forward to what the next year has in store!