Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Faves: Jill Massey Couture Jewelry

It's not every day that you find a piece of jewelry that you literally want to wear every day. Well friends, I have found that piece and after posting many pictures of it, I think you know which one I mean. I found Jill Massey on Etsy and became obsessed with her necklaces. I've always wanted something to wear around my neck with E's name on it. Jill was super easy to work with and sooo sweet! And I believe I found the perfect necklace. The best part was that I got it on the weekend of my birthday, so I got to wear it a lot!
So let me tell you about Jill Massey Couture Jewelry. Every piece is created by hand from raw materials (even the little pieces like the jump rings and ear wire). Her studio is in Atlanta, Georgia, but she also sells to about 40 high-end speciality boutiques in the Southeast and Florida (like Sand Piper in Atlanta, Copper Penny in Charleston, Moda Boutique in Nashville and Shimmering Seas in Seaside). There is a small cluster of metal smiths that are hand selected to be part of her team.
Jill is from Georgia, lived in San Francisco for 6 years and was a buyer for Gap! She missed the South, so she headed back to make Jill Massey Couture Jewelry a Southern Based Business.

Below are some pictures that show you just how versatile this necklace is. It goes with everything...dress up, sweater, layered with another necklace or even a t-shirt! The nameplate necklace comes in silver or gold and you can add up to 14 characters. You can add your husband's name, kid's name, a nickname, initials or even a date! Have fun with it!

Jill Massey Couture Jewelry also has lots of other amazing pieces. I'm dying for the Amazing Grace bracelet.
 I'd love to have my hometown latitude and longitude added to this My Favorite Place necklace.
 I also LOVE these Midi (knuckle ring) fun is this?!

So where can you find Jill Massey Couture Jewelry?
Etsy and Facebook!

Check out her amazing really is incredible and Jill will make it extra special for you :)


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