Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughtfulness: Mommyhood Isn't so Glamorous

I think I'll be making Thursdays a day that I will switch out Thrifty Thursday and Thoughtfulness (what used to be on Tuesdays). This blog is every evolving, so bear with me as I figure out what works best for me and what my readers prefer (if you have a preference, let me know!).

I've had several people tell me that I make mommyhood look glamorous. I wanted to let you know that there's no truth to that. I started this blog to be 100% honest with my readers. Truth is, being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done. Don't get me wrong, I love every (almost) second of it and love E more than anything in the world, but I'm exhausted 90% of the time, when OCD kicks in it takes me an hour to clean the playroom and gasp...sometimes I raise my voice.

Want to know how unglamorous my life is? Here's my day in a nutshell:
Wake up at some God awful hour (I don't sleep anyway, so I'm practically already up), shower/get dressed as quickly as possible (in hopes of not waking a soul, so I can have 5 seconds of peace), sneak out of my room (already woke the dog, who now needs to go out and be the cat is meowing...and I still haven't fixed my coffee). I finally get my coffee made and become alive, I eat the same breakfast that I've eaten for the past 4 years and sit down...a couple of sips of coffee later and I hear e...I bring him down, turn on the TV and feed him breakfast. By this time the cat has puked somewhere and I pray that I don't step in it before I can clean it up. I wake up the hubs, then get e dressed and I'm out the door to work (I work 2.5 days a week). 

On days I'm home, it's even less's errands and laundry and meals and cleaning.

So see, I'm not that cool. By the end of the day I'm lucky if I have makeup on one eye and have remember to brush my teeth. I don't have a cleaning lady, I don't shop all day... I hang out with the sweetest (most active little boy in the world). I beg him most days to take a nap, let him sleep in the bed with 1000s of toys and don't care how picky he is with his food.

And that's the absolute truth. I am beyond thankful that I get to work part-time and stay home with E...I wouldn't change it for the world. BUT it's tough and so not glamorous. I put on real clothes just to stay sane and wear make-up everyday to cover up the bags under my eyes :)


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