Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Memories

What a crazy week with snow, ice and even an earthquake! I'm happy that the temperatures will be in the 70s this week! Praise The Lord! Can't handle the cold much longer! Needless to say, we didn't do much this week other than play in the snow. I didn't go to work at all this week and let's just say, I am way behind on blogging! Thursday was the hubs birthday but I didn't get to the store for his steak...which was ok because we ended up going to a going away party anyway (I was so grateful to get out of the house, I didn't care where I was going)! My inlaws did make it up thanks to some warm temps and melting snow. We've had a great time with them...lots of eating! I hope you had a great week and I promise to work hard on the blog...

This seems like 100 years ago...seriously, it was just last Monday.
My cutie liked my curls and requested a picture for proof.
Nothing like running 3 miles in sleet, but I knew it'd be a million years before I got another run in.
Our first day was mainly ice...
But then it just kept coming!
Happy birthday hubs (and soo happy to be out of the house!!)!
Happy Valentine's Day! I even got A message from Kohls about how I styles this top!
Wine in crystal planted in the snow...a must!
E was just picking up some vino for me.
We are beyond thankful for sunshine!!



  1. Thanks Nina! I found it and loved it. It was huge when I bought it and the tailor basically took it in halfway! Now I love it!! Xo

  2. Adorable. I love that vest and necklace together. I am over the snow, and thankful the temps are heating up in SC!

    1. Thanks Katie! The necklace is Bent by Courtney which makes amazing jewelry! I'm soo happy for the warmer temps too! Xo