Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankfulness Thursday

Well, the weather is back at it. What a crazy winter we've had. I'm pretty sure we are officially snowed/iced in! It's beautiful and soo darn cold. I'm beyond thankful that we still have heat and power. Three years ago we had a similar storm and weren't so lucky in the power department. I have no idea when this mess will clear up. You can't even tell the street from our grass. The hubs went to work yesterday and he said the roads were I'm pretty sure it's a ghost town. I thank God we don't have to go anywhere today. I'm sure E will be in and out all day and I've got to get our disaster (aka our house) cleaned before the inlaws maybe get here Friday (who knows if they can make it here at this rate). 

I'm also thankful for food in my fridge. We made a big pot of chili last night and cornbread too (actually hubs stopped for cornmeal and buttermilk before the storm).

Today is also the hub's birthday. I had planned a nice filet for dinner yet I have no filet. So it might go like this: "happy birthday, here's a bowl of soup!" I'm guessing the bakery is closed too...darn it! Three years ago his birthday was similar in weather...I should have known better! Oh well, happy birthday hubs!  

Tomorrow I'm posting on a fun Etsy shop with beautiful jewelry! And a special deal just for you!!

Stay safe and warm friends!


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