Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Loungewear! Paxton1345

Y'all, I am a jammies kind of girl...and I don't mean the frilly crap. I am a boxer shorts and t-shirt to bed girl and so when Paxton1345 offered to send me a pair of their boxers, I was over the moon! These boxers are insanely soft and comfy. They're also the perfect length (nothing up your butt, if you want me to be completely frank with you). I love lounge wear because I'm a mom. I don't always wear cute clothes...comfort at home is key. 

"Paxton 1345 is based in Boston. “Paxton” means peaceful town which represents a calm and joyful feeling of being by the ocean. The numbers, 1345 represent Erin and her daughters’ birthdays. To these Bostonians, birthdays and the beach are two of life’s best pleasures!"
These are the Matira shorts (only $32!!). How perfect are they for Valentine's Day?!

Aren't they adorable? And the monogramming...soooo cute! 
And even though it's midday, I'm in my Paxton1345 boxers relaxing!
 Aren't these two knew monograms perfect? I adore the anchor!
These pants belong at my house. I'm not kidding...how freakin' comfy do they look?! I'm dying for them! I'd live in these...and I totally need them for this storm!

Not only are these boxers for women, but they're also for MEN! Buy your hubby, boyfriend/significant other some of these and he will love you forever :)

Want to know a secret about these? Each fly has a secret message in it...haha...mine says "You're a Rock Star!" Adorable! 

So do you want your own boxers or lounge pants? Erin, from Paxton1345 is offering my readers 25% off of their purchases! How perfect would these be for Valentine's, a birthday or a just because gift? The promo code is love25. The best part?! It doesn't expire! Thanks Erin! You're awesome!!

So how can you connect with Paxton1345? You can go to their site, check her blog out, find her on Instagram @paxton1345 or like her page on Facebook! There, no excuses not to discover this cute brand!