Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Faves: Prints Charming Studio

Y'all, this might be the most excited I've been about a post! Prints Charming Studio is an adorable Etsy page with custom illustrations. Carrie hand draws the illustrations (based on a photograph), it's inked and then scanned into a computer. She digitally colors them and then sends them as PDFs to customers so they they can print as many as they want. Carrie also has an option for you to have her print your cards as notecards (mine are on their way!). So why am I sooo excited? Because Carrie did a custom illustration of my family to share with y'all! Ready...

How adorable is that? Do you recognize these people from all of the pictures I post? I'm dying. I'm going to print out an 8x10 and frame it for our house. The best part of her illustrations, is that they're uber reasonably priced. 

Before I give you more details on how you can get your custom illustration (or other fun pieces from Prints Charming Studio), let me tell you a little more about her company. From Carrie's Etsy page: "From the time I was in elementary school, I've always love to draw. I remember sitting in a cartooning class in 6th grade drawing my little dog Chloe. Frame by frame I drew her little triangle shaped head with two triangle shaped ears.

My career took me in a much different direction - coding websites. But, take a look in any margin of any of my notebooks and you will find doodles next to all of my meeting notes.

I stopped working full time when I became pregnant with my second child. Since then, I've been a freelance web developer, assistant to a fabulous stationery maker (, and photographer. Always, though, I've wanted to come back to opening up a little shop like this.

I'm not a big Facebook user, rather Instagram is my drug of choice. You can find me there - @carrieedavis.

I live with my husband, 2 beautiful kiddos (Charlotte in kindergarten and Maxwell in preschool) and an 8-month old beagle puppy (he's a handful!) in the wonderful town of Decatur, GA."

Prints Charming Studio is offering to my blog readers 20% off anything in the shop with no minimum! Use the code GAPEACHMOM before the end of February. Currently, that gets you 20% a set of 24 printed Valentine cards (What an amazing deal!).

So take advantage of this great deal! It's so much fun to see your picture come together and I just love having this one!


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