Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Faves: Praising Him Creations

I love a pretty wreath on a front door. I live for Christmas, Easter and football season so I can put something on the front door. I adore something that I can leave up all the time or change out certain aspects to make it seasonly appropriate!

Praising Him Creations has amazing wreaths. You can see a selection of her wreaths here. She's super sweet and talented. Her wreaths are insanely well-made (and light-weight so they hang easily). I'll be honest, the yellow burlap just screams spring to me...I am obsessed. I really wish I could hang out with Renee and have her teach me her skills...I'm so jealous! 

So let me tell you a little about Praising Him Creations in Renee's words:

“What began with only the investment of my husband's change jar (less than $200.00) and a whole lot of prayer, is now becoming an amazing business to have created! Having always been very crafty and gifted with an eye for aesthetics, I always questioned how the Lord would use these gifts for good! He has recently given me vision, and many goals for Praising Him Creations - the small business I've launched creating beautiful custom-made wreaths and home decor pieces. What started as a small, home-based operation to bring in a little additional income for our large family of seven has turned into something fantastic! I've now shipped to 20 different states through my online store, will begin traveling for craft shows in May, and am currently working on getting in to two retail locations!

I am a blessed child of the Lord, wife, and mother/stepmother to five wonderful children. We have four beautiful girls (ages 14, 9, 7, and 3) and one precious little boy (on his way to being a 1 year old). In my free time...who am I kidding? Moms don't have free time! Prior to being a super busy mom/business woman, I greatly enjoyed spending my time outdoors and on the water, music, and crafty things (so I guess it's pretty great that I've been able to turn one of my many joys into an additional income)! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a work-at-home mom! I play, teach, and grow with my little ones daily, and work during naptimes and late nights!”

I love that Renee is so firm in her faith and that is the foundation of her business...what a testimony!

So which other wreaths am I dying to have?!

This one for summer!

This one too!

Okay, seriously I could choose all of them...they're gorgeous! 

Interested in getting a wreath?! First person to e-mail me at will get a discount code to use on their order!

Check out Renee's Etsy page and her Facebook page


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