Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thoughtfulness Wednesday: Happy Birthday E

I know it's usually Thoughtfulness Thursday, but I have to break with tradition because today is E's birthday!

Holy cow, my baby boy is THREE! Where in the world have the past three years gone?! Wasn't he just born yesterday? Wasn't I just waking up every three hours to feed this boy and wasn't he just learning to walk?! I can't believe he's three...should I say it one more time? He doesn't even want me to call him my baby anymore...he always corrects me and says "Mommy's big boy!" That alone makes me sad.

Even though it just seems like yesterday that he was born, my past three years have been filled with so much joy. I barely even remember the hard days that we've had because my heart and mind are filled with such great memories of him. E is opinionated and stubborn, funny and witty and loving and sweet. He is a mama's boy through and through...nothing makes me happier than when he comes running towards me with open arms and when we lie in bed at night and he plays with my hair and tells me he loves me. He has changed so much in the past three years. He has his own little personality and is quite the charmer. He's tough, don't get me wrong...boy will hardly cry if he's gushing blood...but oh boy does he like to cuddle.

Our first family picture
His first professional picture
Our first photo session
His first picture by my brother 
Sitting up on his own
A trip to the beach
His first Halloween (BTW this picture made it on the NYT website)
His first haircut
His first pictures with him walking
His first birthday (he hated his cake)
My sweet, sweet boy
His first Christmas at our new house
His second birthday
My goofball
This past Christmas
His first snow
My superhero
My sweet kisser :)

No one can quite prepare you for the love you feel for your child. No one could have told me that I love him as much as I do or that I would do anything in the world for him. No one can tell you that your heart will feel like it's going to explode because you love them that much or that you're going to miss them even when you're gone for a couple of hours. I'm thankful that God has placed this sweet child in my care and that He trusts me to be E's mom.

I love this quote, "A mother carries. She carries him for 9 months to carry him then in her arms until she is carrying just his book bag as he travels on his own feet. When he leaves for college she carries his belongings to him. She will soon carry his grandchild in her arms. When she is no longer needed to carry, still she goes on carrying in her heart for him prayers, hopes, dreams and memories. A mother carries."
Happy birthday to my costume loving, crazy kisser, sweets addicted green-eyed boy. I don't think I can fit anymore love in my heart for this boy...I love him like crazy. Or as he would say "Mommy you love me to the moon?"


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