Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to My House: Playroom

One thing I love about bloggers (maybe you hate it) is when they open their homes up on their blog. I'm going to do this from time to time (it's not going to be something that I say I'm going to do every week). My house is never spotless, things are always out of just go with it. I have a kid, I have two pets and I have a husband...our house is a mess a lot of the time :)

I thought I'd start with our playroom. It started out as a huge, empty space that somehow quickly filled up. Every wall in our house was beige when we moved in and I knew that this was one of the first rooms I wanted to paint (it was actually the fourth).

Here's what it looked like pre-paint:

Hello boring beige walls.

Our playroom is over our garage and is an amazing is literally the size of our garage with a full bath attached! It was hard for me to envision how I wanted to organize the space. I knew I wanted it to be fun and okay if something got messed up. I found the yellow "X" curtains on clearance at Land of Nod and thought they'd be the perfect neutral if we had a daughter down the road. I also decided that I wanted a theme throughout the room to be ABCs because it was something that would last awhile. I got the cube storage from Target (as well as the bins that go in)...I decided to use boy colors figuring that if we had a daughter down the line that she could have pinks and purples in her bins.

When I started painting the lime green on the walls, I got really nervous. I love how it turned out though. The pictures make it look a little different than it does it real life, but basically there are two big walls painted green and then the small enclave painted green as well. I've considered painting the two long beige walls another color, but I haven't figure out what exactly I want.

The random framed pieces on the wall (other than the big ABC print) are drawings that I did when I was little. My mom framed them and attached a picture of me at that age. I hope to do the same for E.

E's artwork hangs on twine with clothes pins in the playroom...this keeps our walls in the main living space from being messy and it also allows me to change out his artwork from time to time.

The blanket on the futon was my husband's when he was little. The playroom gets really cold in the winter (because it's over the garage) so it's the perfect blanket to bundle up with. The ABCDE pillows are from Land of Nod and I love them! They've really helped E with identifying his letters (at least the first five!).

So there ya go! My bright, colorful (and messy) playroom. When the anxiety of the mess is driving me nuts, I close the door and deal with it another day!


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