Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Jewelry

I love statement jewelry a lot. There's nothing better than a pop of color to really complete an outfit. Or a piece of jewelry that people are going to ask you about (and compliment you on). Something unique...that no one else is wearing makes a piece special too. I especially love a statement piece with a story behind it.

Tasha Hussey Jewelry is all handmade in her massive home studio. She says that the "pieces are special because they are Vintage pieces from the 1930's to the 1980's. The findings are all brand new brass that is gold plated here in the USA. The jewelry is divided into a few main groups, Cameo's, Pearls, Flowers, Art Deco and some Egyptian pieces. All these groups appeal to [her] own personal taste as they were collected by [her] Mother or Grandmother when [she] was a child so [her] attraction to them goes very deep."

Tasha is a Jamaican born, single mom of 3 who has put her own spin on vintage jewelry. Her eco-friendly collection is made up of uncirculated vintage components that have been sitting in warehouses
for 30 years and more. The line consist of Chez glass, Bakelite, brass filigrees and other interesting materials paired with 24k plated contemporary findings.
She has been featured on fashion blogs Daily Candy, Notcouture and Love and Ace. Tasha's jewelry was also showcased on Tyler Perry's new hit show "For Better or Worse" starring Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White.

She sent this amazing retro ring that has been so much fun to wear! I never realized how much stuff I wore that matched green before this ring! First off, I love the size of this's big, but not too big. It's light-weight and has an adjustable back that is hidden (but makes it fit your finger securely). When I wear this ring, I feel like no other accessories matter...this is the complete statement piece on your finger!

So a little more about Tasha?! In 2004, when Tasha moved to Atlanta, she was commissioned for work in costume design for television and print. Tasha’s designs have been featured on music videos, including reggae artist Damian Marley, R&B sensation, Donnell Jones and hip hop singers Foxy Brown, Eddie Grant and Timbaland. In 2004, she designed costumes for Usher’s backup dancers for the opening performance of MTV’s Music VideoAwards, which lead to commercial work on leading brands including “Guinness”.

Wanting to stay true to her roots of making clothing in timeless cuts that transcend trends, Tasha launched seasonal collections at Beehive Co-op, becoming one of the boutique’s best-selling clothing labels and eventually recognized by Lucky magazine.

This same passion and production quality is now focused on her newest design endeavor, jewelry. Tasha’s eye for construction and detail along with her commitment to environmentally friendly consumerism has found purchase in a new line crafted of vintage costume jewelry, buttons and materials.

I'm loving these earrings!

And how fun would this vintage shell be to wear this summer?! (I'm totally buying this one)

You can watch a video of the process of jewelry making here: which explains her passion for the pieces...and isn't it always fun to see WHO makes your jewelry?!

AND lucky you, Tasha is having a huge sale on her jewelry!



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