Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workout Wednesday: It's Almost Here!

I realize that over the past few months I have blown up your Instagram, Facebook and my blog with running pictures. I think #run, #runner, #running are my most used hashtags. Well friends, the Half is almost here. It's this SATURDAY! I ran my first real run last evening...I'll do a final run to shake out my nerves'll be a quick and easy run...not trying to kill myself.

I am beyond grateful that I bounced back semi-quickly after surgery and that I'm ready to run. Sometimes I wake up in the night nervous about running. Let me just say that I'm physically in better shape for this Half than my last Half...I knew how to prepare and my legs are working better (though my last Half was on a whim and I seriously had not run before I started training for it). I don't know if I'm mentally as prepared for this run as I was for my last one. I'm hoping that when I get out there that adrenaline will kick in and my mind will focus. I'm hoping that my nerves will subside and that I can do a great job. I'm not necessarily trying to PR, but that'd be nice...especially since my body feels better running now then it did last fact, I haven't been very sore at all during my training runs this go round (last time I wanted to die after my long runs).

I'm just hoping to get out there and have fun and prove to myself that I can do this. If I can mentally tell myself that I can do it, my legs will take over. My farthest training run was 10 miles...what's 3 more?! 

In some ways I'm glad to get the Half over (I'm not saying that I'm quitting running) because I'm ready to have my Saturday mornings back. I miss cuddling with E in bed on Saturday while I drink my coffee. There's been none of that. It's wake up at 6:00 a.m., eat a bite and out the door to run. 

I'm proud of training for this race as hard as I have. It's been tough some days, but it's also quite incredible to see what your body is capable of doing. Thanks y'all for your encouraging IG messages as I go for a run. I look forward to Saturday and can't wait to tell you about here's a little recap (not all) of the past few months in my runner's world.

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