Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday Memories

What a busy week...getting ready for the half marathon and a big meeting at work! I'm relieved to have a little more time on the weekends now (well, after E's birthday party is over...which is THIS weekend). I totally overbooked my April, crazy!

Maegan and I hit up some Cali n it was soo good!
This boy loves flossing like me!
Lots of stripes this week in my work wear!
Such a fun lipstick party for Maegan's birthday...recap coming soon on the blog!
The weather this week was gorgeous and this superhero loved playing outside!
He also made me dress up in child size costumes...
I found my first four leaf clover of the year.
I ran the Chick fil A Half on Saturday (recap up Wednesday).
And I tried to recover from those 13.1 miles...

Hope you enjoyed the sunny weather!



  1. I love your stripes - especially the green and navy! You had a busy and fun weekend!! Can't wait to see pics of E's party!!

    1. Thanks!!! It was a fun (cheap) find at Banana Republic! Can't believe his party is this weekend...yikes!