Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Memories

Another whirlwind of a week but it was so fun! This upcoming week is a special one for us because E will be THREE

Maegan and I had our big meeting for work this week with the governor. It went great, was exhausting and was so nice to meet the gov.
E loves to hold my hand and I'll hold his hand for as long as he will!
I realized that this picture was taken right before E was born (3 days) and of course that brought back a flood of memories.
E got this awesome mask and he makes me dress up too...oh the things we do for our kids.
Thank goodness for beautiful weather and shorts!! (Ps that awesome green ring was posted on Friday!!)
E went fishing with my dad for two hours...can you spy him?!
My little superhero had a great time at his party (more pics coming soon!)
E's cousin came for his party (he's one month younger than him) and they had a great time!
Congrats Bubba (his autograph above) on the Masters!