Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fave: Georgia necklace

I had lots of questions about where I got my necklace that I wore to the UGA tailgate a couple of months ago (see picture below).

Well, the good news is, you too can have this amazing necklace. My best friend got this for as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago as part to a theme gift. Stevie creates beautiful jewelry in her etsy shop: They are super reasonably priced and gorgeous quality. I seriously get a million compliments on the necklace every time I wear it.

Other things I love in her shop?

initial earrings.

I would probably wear these and sweet :)

hippity hops. 

I adore bunnies (always have) and would love these sweet bunnies to hop onto my ears!

see ya...bye. 
These would be super fun to wear to dinner and out with friends. Love the design of these!



  1. I have an italy necklace just like was a gift. love yours!