Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay

There's something super special about flowers in a house...especially in the springtime. I love the color and fragrance they add to a home...and there's a certain "homey" feeling that they add as well. Finding the perfect vase (that isn't one of those cheap glass vases from the dollar store) isn't easy.

As a Southern girl, I love a good monogram...let's be honest, I'd monogram everything if I could. Monograms make everything personal and yours.

One thing that I love about blogging is finding companies (or them finding me) from my home state. There's nothing better than showing off what products come out of Georgia (because there are most definitely some beautiful things).

Well, 13th Colony Clay is an amazing company that makes beautiful gifts...all made in Georgia! Finding products made in the USA seems nearly impossible to find these days, so that makes this company extra special. What else is special about this business? They're family owned...that's pretty darn cool.

Jeff from 13th Colony Clay was super excited about a collaboration and gifted me one of their beautiful Cylinder Vases. Now, even though I read about it before I got it, I had no idea how beautiful it would be when it came. First off, it's HUGE (12" tall and 5" diameter) and perfect for a centerpiece! It's definitely a statement and every single person that has walked into our home as adored it.

The vase which is monogrammed is the perfect gift for a housewarming, a hostess, Christmas, a wedding or Mother's Day! It is the perfect vase for a big fancy table or an everyday kitchen table (that's what I use it on).

According to their website, "Each vase is created using a combination of a slip casting process and handcrafted artistry. The basic shape is created pouring a liquid ceramic material called slip in to a plaster mold. Once the desired thickness and firmness is reached, the vase is removed from the mold, and the true artistry of the piece takes place. One of our talented southern artisans hand carves each monogram into the vase creating a unique piece just for you. From there, a glaze is applied to give the vase a beautiful and durable finish that will last for many years."

Here are some pictures of my beautiful vase!

What other products do I love/want of theirs?!

 I'd love this sweet bud vase for our bedroom...
 This box would be perfect to put my everyday jewels in.
And God knows I love some much fun is this coffee mug?!

Thank you Jeff and the 13th Colony Clay for the wonderful opportunity...your products are truly amazing!

Please check 13th Colony Clay for your next gift...a wide range of prices that make it reasonable for a small gift or a larger one!

Also, stay tuned for their newest venture Snarkbites that will be featured on the blog too!

AND you can receive 25% off an item on the 13th Colony Clay site if you back their KickStarter for $25 or more. Use code: JULIASNARKS

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