Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Faves: Jack Rogers

I don't think it's any secret that I love me some shoes. And while I wear primarily heels and wedges because I like how my legs look in them better than flats, wearing flip flops in the summer is absolutely 100% essential. So my go to shoe for the warm days?! Jack Rogers of course. Let me start by saying that Jack Rogers is by no means paying me to say these wonderful things about them (I wish they would ;))...I just really love them that much. I don't even know how I got introduced to Jack Rogers, but once I did I became addicted. I will say that I've never paid full price for a pair, but that they are 100% worth every penny that you pay. They're super comfy, go with everything (you can dress them up or down) and last forever. 

That said, I own six pairs of sandals plus one pair of heels. These are a few ways I've styled them.

Blue sparkle (old) similar here.
Pink dotted (old) similar here.
Platinum found here.
Gold (old) similar here.
Paisley found here.
Pink Platinum found here.

So which ones am I loving for spring/summer?

110% these with my monogram on them! How amazing?!?! (Jack Rogers, if you're reading can send these my way ;))
You know I love me some wedges :)

So where can you find Jack Rogers other than their site? You can find lots of great deals on Rue La La. In fact, they have a pink sparkle pair that I keep missing. Piperlime, 6pm.comOff Fifth (even though they aren't listed online right now) and Last Call also have discounted prices on them.

Another things to note: 1) they run small! Order a half size up on these shoes! I'm normally an 8.5 in shoes and I wear a 9 (or even a 9.5) in them. 2) don't expect them to feel great the first time you wear them...they're leather, you have to break them in and they have to mold to your feet 3) don't wear them on a rainy day unless you want the bottoms of your feet to be the color of leather 4) the bottoms are insanely slippery until you scuff them up (just take them outside and stomp your feet around. I literally fell down a set of stairs in mine the first time I wore my blue sparkle ones (at the neighbors' house I might add).

Jack Rogers are my go to. I wear them to work in the summer when my feet are too swollen to wear anything else and I wear them on errands. They're cute and comfy and go with dresses, shorts and pants!



  1. Love these. And thanks for including those tips...if I do buy a pair, I will keep that in mind!

    1. Definitely do! I love them, but you definitely have to keep those things in mind!