Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Faves: Brazen Design Group

Bullet jewelry is super trendy right now...especially in the south where bullets seem to be everywhere :) Brazen Design Group has done lots of fun pieces some made with bullets and some without...but all of her pieces have a great story behind them:

"It all began with a girls shopping weekend….I would pick up odd ball items like keys, buttons or dominos and say 'This would look cool in a necklace' or the classic 'I could make this' while rolling my eyes. That was three years ago. In those three years, one sentiment has remained constant: upcycling and recycling. It was important to me to create unique and fashionable jewelry that had a greater purpose. Whenever possible, I reuse existing material; right down to the clasps and the jump rings! I am not a formally trained designer. But that did not stop me from taking that fateful leap! Designing and creating jewelry quickly became a creative outlet for me and sourcing the raw material gave me a purpose. Thrift shops and consignment stores have become my favorite haunts. I am constantly looking for ideas and material for my creations."

So why bullet casings you ask? I love her explanation of this one:
"Today, my focus is on spent bullet casings. I am intrigued with the rough & tumble perception of
bullets versus the sparkle & shine of our inner fashionista. The concept for my current work and this installation stems from that dichotomy that exists within each of us: the light and the dark; the ying and the yang. This Functional Art display explores and celebrates the diversity within each one of us while challenging you to think about old things in a new way!"

Here are just a few ways I've worn my amazing necklace that Nanci designed for me :)

I like how my necklace has a bullet casing emphasizing my strength but also has delicate beads which show femininity. She included shells to add a summery and beachy touch. The necklace is light-weight and goes well with anything (it's girly enough to wear with Lilly but also edgy enough to wear with a leather jacket). The colors are bright and cheerful and this really is a great go-to necklace.

Other fun pieces Nanci has designed? I'd love to add these two to my jewelry collection for summer! (here and here)

You can shop the Brazen Design Group on Etsy and read more about the amazing pieces here!


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