Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Faves: Crazy Compression

Recently I received Crazy Compression socks (I received them the day before my half marathon so I did not wear them for my half). I was excited to wear them in recovery mode and wore them for two days after the half. I will say that I truly believe my legs recovered so much faster this time than they did last time and my aches and pains were pretty small.

Nate from Crazy Compression gave me some great info on their socks:

"We use 15-20mmhg which is for mild compression...anything over 20 really is to be used for medical purposes. Our goal from the beginning was to create a unique product that combined Function and Fashion and all made in the USA. Our company has over 55 years of hosiery manufacturing experience. I would say what makes us special is there isn't another company that makes something like we make with true graduated compression combining patterns, fun colors and the ability to customize 1 pair for a customer without sacrificing the performance attributes and keeping the cost very competitive. We just try and have some fun while making the world a bit more colorful."

"As for the loose fit...We utilized mesh panels in front of the sock above the foot to help channel moisture out of the foot. This is where some of the looseness is coming from, but it doesn't lose any of its functionality. I will say one of the misconception in the compression industry is people equate tightness with the performance...if the measurement in the legs are correct the sock will perform, but essentially its the customer's preference. That being said, we're all about improving our product and we're looking to launch a version 2 with some exciting new features later this summer."

How freaking awesome are these socks?!
I will say that I loved recovery in these socks and can't wait to train for my next race in them! Thanks to Nate and the Crazy Clan for sending these awesome socks!
I'm dreaming up my next pair (of course pink)...these, these or these?!

Another awesome thing about these socks? You can create a custom freaking cool is that?!

You can buy them here :)


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