Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Memories

What a great/busy/beautiful weekend with sweet and wonderful friends! Hope yours was as good as mine!

I did an experiment one day this week with my old foundation (a not so cheap, department store brand). Needless to say I was dying to put my custom Elijana Cosmetics foundation on. Lesson learned.
My sister-in-law sent us birthday gifts a little late this week, but hey I don't mind at all when it involves Kate Spade!
I had my first real Coke in a long time and dang it was good! 

E got some awesome soap from Tasha Hussey and he was thrilled to bathe with it (blog post coming soon). I love when my family gets to test products too!
We went to a UGA baseball tailgate and game with wonderful friends! E loved his JV Clothiers outfit...especially the belt! 
Saturday we want to E's "girlfriend's" birthday and they dressed up as princes and princesses...E couldn't help but go in for a kiss! 
E loved decorating his crown!
We had so much fun at the Derby party Saturday (sans child for almost 24 hrs). Post will me up about it and my amazing hat by Angela Kang!

Have a great week and soak up this beautiful springtime!


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