Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Whereabouts: Charleston

I mentioned on Monday Memories that we went to Charleston this past weekend. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed ourselves. We didn't make it to the beach which was okay since we have a beach trip planned. 

The first evening we headed to the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. It was a cool building with lots of's just a brief summary:

"Is the Old Exchange Building a fancy architectural jewel designed to house 18th-century assemblies? Or is it the ghoulish prison of the Revolution, the place where the martyr Isaac Hayne spent his last night? Or is it the place where George Washington greeted his fellow citizens? And there is no question that slaves were sold for generations next to the very balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was read."
–Rosen, Robert. A Short History of Charleston. Charleston, South Carolina: Peninsula Press, 1992.

The thing I found most interesting about the building is that it is one of the only places you can still see the original sea wall of Charleston...pretty cool!

For more information you can visit:

We really had great weather...not too hot and I would have loved to go for a run on the bridge...unfortunately we didn't have time for that!

Saturday morning we headed into town and stopped at Hyman's for lunch. Someone had told me about Hyman's before the trip and we luckily ran into while we were starving and searching for lunch. E was most impressed with the boiled peanuts and hushpuppies. The hubs had a crab cake sandwich, I had a chicken po-boy (I don't eat seafood) and E had a burger...and we all shared fried green tomatoes. It was yummy and E got a free icecream!

We shopped on King Street for a little bit Saturday (I didn't buy anything amazingly, but we loved looking in the stores). 

Saturday evening we headed to a wedding at the President of the College of Charleston's House. It was a beautiful locale and it was so nice to see friends from high school. 

I wish I could give you the great history of the house that President George Benson gave us...and honestly there isn't much to be found online, but it is the oldest building on campus.


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