Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Body

You may remember my post about the beautiful Tasha Hussey Jewelry...she sent me a beautiful green and white ring that I just adore. Well, after that post, Tasha asked me if she could send me some of her body products. And of course I said I would love to try them out! I was thrilled when the mail arrived and she sent two soaps for me and 3 for my sweet E! When I opened the package, I could smell how amazing these soaps were. And not the strong fragrance that gives you a headache...sweet, pureness of homemade soaps.

So let me tell you a little about Tasha's body products before I get into my experience with them.

"The main reason for making these products was for myself and three children. Two of my children have eczema. I also only eat wild caught fish organic vegetables and fruits. I realized that some of the store bought products were really affecting my children's skin and why was I eating so well but putting the chemicals back into my body through products. The products are natural and chemical free, soaps are made from saponified vegetable and nut oils with organic loofah's and vegetable pigments, blended with essential oils for aromatherapy and fragrance."

E was thrilled with his soaps. He calls them his Lego soaps and thinks that he should be giving them to his cousins because he likes them that much. Seriously, he said, "Mommy, H and T need these soaps!"

E doesn't ever get to test anything for the blog and so he was thrilled that he got something in the mail and something fun! The soap is super moisturizing and he says the bumps tickle. I also love how this soap's not super strong so it doesn't irritate their smells fresh and clean. 

As a mom, it makes me feel good that E is using something that is all natural and won't hurt his skin (and he could probably eat it and be ok!). 

Now onto MY soap...Tasha generously sent me two Loofah Soaps in Gardenia Mint and Honeysuckle Rose. First off, they both smell beautiful. My favorite is the Honeysuckle Rose. After using them both, I told my mom (who has tried every bath product on the planet) to try out the Gardenia Mint Loofah Soap to see what she thought. She gave it rave reviews and said she loved how it made her skin feel. In fact, I knew she loved it sooo much, that I ordered her several different soaps and a body butter for Mother's Day (I might have also ordered another soap for me ;)). 

I love the people that I collaborate with and I'm so thankful that I literally e-mailed Tasha a couple of days before Mother's Day and said, "Can you get these to me?" She was so sweet and they got to me just in time! 

So what's so amazing about this soap? You can see from the pictures (above and below) that there is a "soft" side and a "loofah" side. I love that you can scrub places like your legs and then moisturize them with the other side. I have extremely dry skin...seriously, alligator legs and I swear to you I have not used lotion since I started using this soap. 

The truth is, we often don't treat ourselves to natural body products because we think they are too expensive. That's not the truth with Tasha's soaps. Her soaps are extremely affordable and last a long time.

I believe these soaps would make a wonderful gift for almost any occasion, and to be honest, Tasha is just such a joy to work with.

Thank you Tasha for allowing me to feature your wonderful products!

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  1. I love all natural products! A good soap especially, is hard to find! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You will love these body products! They are amazing! I bought my mom the body butter for Mother's Day and she loved it too!

  2. Thanks so much Julia it's been a pleasure!