Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Thankfulness: Surgery

I wasn't going to write this post because I really don't like drawing attention to health issues, but then I had several friends remind me that the reason people like to read my blog is because I'm real and honest. Well, here's the real and honest truth friends. I had surgery yesterday. And surgery stinks.

A couple of months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible chest pain. I literally thought I was dying. I kept going through the scenario in my head of how I would call 911 (the hubby had fallen asleep in his office and I literally couldn't get up) and tell them to turn their sirens off so that they wouldn't wake E or the neighbors. I was crying at one point thinking that I was dying of a heart attack. Okay, and then the realistic me set in. I'm young, I'm healthy and I was most likely not dying of a heart attack (thank God). I think I went back to sleep for 5 seconds and woke up the next day and told a friend (a nurse) and another friend (a doctor) that told me I should follow up with my GP. Until lunch that day, I put it off because it really couldn't be anything (and I was about to run a half marathon and I really didn't want it to be anything). After numerous tests at the doctor and a chest X-Ray, they told me they thought it was Chilaiditi syndrome (OMG, I can't believe I just posted about my colon on my blog!). Well, the chest pains continued (but not as bad) and my GP sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon was convinced that it was not my colon that was causing the pain (thank God) but he wanted to test my gallbladder. After several gallbladder tests, they determined my gallbladder was only functioning at 29%. Perfect, just what I want...gallbladder surgery.

So here we are. I promise no pictures of me in the hospital bed (or worse, pictures of organs outside of my body). Surgery sucks, I'm recovering...it won't be long and I'll be back at running again. I don't post this so you feel sorry for me...really, don't...there are people suffering from a lot worse. I post this because I was encouraged to by friends that believe my story is one that others can benefit from. I am a real person and even when you think you're uber healthy, you never know what's going on with your body. I'm thankful that this is all that it is (hell, my brother had half of his organs removed because he had cancer--see what I mean, it's NO BIG DEAL).

I'm thankful for y'all sharing your experiences with me too! This blog has been a great way to make new friends!

You know I had to wear Lilly to surgery...right?!

I'm psycho ocd so I made 3 freezer meals, 2 casseroles and chili presurgery. We've had lots of friends offer to bring us food too...so thankful!

Lots on the DVR, E is with my parents...it's quiet here, so I'm drinking coffee in bed!

Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement of me being real :)



  1. Hope you feel better soon!! Surgery (of any kind) can take the wind out of your sails for a bit.

    1. Thanks Ellen! I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the blog! Xo!

  2. That is rough! I hope your recovery is quick!

  3. I hope your recovery goes as well as it can! Thank you for sharing this! For real. And for being real enough to mention your colon. I like real bloggers best of all.

  4. I just found this post about your surgery (although I posted on another post and thought you may have had the flu or something). My hubby had all sorts of strange pains throughout his body. It took years! to figure out it was his gallbladder, which was successfully removed about a year ago. His only complaint now - be near a bathroom if he has fatty food. Hope I put a smile on your face.

    1. Yes Jill, a bathroom is a gallbladderless person's best friend 😉 xo!!