Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Pilates wear

Even though it'll be a couple of weeks before I can get back to Pilates (my abs are thinking, holy crap it's going to be FOREVER) this post will be relevant to some of you.

So after my million pictures of what I wear running (in the warmer weather), I thought I'd post about what I wear to Pilates. Truth be told, I don't worry too much about brand or wicking factor (I don't really sweat a ton in Pilates). So I go with comfy and stuff I can move in.

These Old Navy tops (found here: are super comfy for Pilates and Yoga. I don't think they ride up like most tops (and I really don't love doing Pilates in a shirt that isn't cotton. Also, I find that I get cold during relaxation and I don't get cold wear this (like I would if I wore a tank).

These compression capris are kind of amazing (You can find them here: The suck you in and stay up the entire class! I have zero complaints about these!

So that's my inexpensive, easy, comfy wardrobe for Pilates. Throw on a sports bra and some socks for relaxation time and you're good to go! So much cheaper than my running gear :)

Happy workout!



  1. I love those compression capris! They're awesome at such a good price!

    1. Yeah, pretty crazy in comparison to other ones! Xo!