Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Memories

So the blog is changing a bit...Mondays are going to have my pictures from the last week and Tuesdays will be Tasty Tuesdays. We will see how this works out, but for now this is the plan! So sorry that last week's Sunday Snapshot never got up. I've been using my phone for some posts and apparently it hasn't been working correctly.
Last week I posted this pic of some new clothes that got monogrammed. Gah, I love monograms!
This past week I spent a lot of time working from thankful that I'm able to.
I swear I find the most random stuff in my purse...this day, a Spider Man costume.
And there's my most sweet Spider Man!
Thursday I finally felt like a normal human. I wore a Tracy Negoshian dress (old), heels!!! and Bourbon and Boweties bangles.
I also wore pants for the first time! Super exciting! 
And then Friday I felt like a fur vest was in order. Shirt (Old Navy), pants (J.Crew) and necklace (Target).
This weekend I've gotten to play dress up in all kinds of fun Stella and Dot jewels! Keep checking the blog for an upcoming post and giveaway!!
So thankful I got to run a very cold 3 miles on Saturday morning!

Hope you had a great weekend and made lots of fun memories with your friends and families!



  1. i LOVE monogram everything. even my car.

    1. Elle Sees, they really do make me happy :) xo!

  2. Julia, I'm trying to email you about an award I am nominating you and it won't go through. Can you email me at ninawearsflowersATgmailDOTcom?

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is cute and we're not to far apart! I love that fur vest - and good for you for getting out to run! Can't wait to run again after baby. :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You'll be running again in no time :)

      Xo! Julia