Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snapshot Sunday (On Thursday)

Gah, I thought that I'd feel like writing all of these blog posts this week and have the energy to get "caught up" on the blog. I haven't felt like writing any blog posts and have barely done much of anything other than make it through all of the shows on my DVR. I finally made it through my first magazine today (barely reading any articles) and have yet to read a page of any of the books that I downloaded on Kindle. Truth is, I took my first shower today (real friends Saran Wrap your bandages and wait outside the bathroom door so that you can shower). I feel a million times better after showering. I even dried my hair and put on enough foundation that I didn't look like death. I'm not sure how people go back to work right after any kind of surgery...I'm still exhausted and really not able to lift anything (even my 7 lb dog). My parents have been wonderful in helping with E, my friends have been great with bringing food and coming to visit and the hubby has been doing everything that I usually do (I feel sorry for him...I'm pretty sure he's exhausted!). Hopefully I'll get back on a regular blog schedule soon...bear with me. If there's something you are interested in me writing on, let me know and I'll get on that. I guess I'm just having trouble gathering my thoughts.

So I promised on Sunday that I would follow-up with my usual Snapshot Sunday one day later this week. So instead of my normal Thursday post, I'll post pictures instead.

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve at the lake with really good friends and there kids! 7 adults and 9 kids! Whew! Just because we stayed in, didn't mean that we didn't want to dress up!

 Love these girls...they are literally my sisters that I never had!

The best view to start the new year with. I woke up early with the kiddos and got to watch the sunrise on the lake...gorgeous!
And of course I started 2014 with an almost 4 mile run in the freezing cold. It was nice to run with a great friend (I usually run by myself) and I barely noticed that I was running very far :)

Thanks again for all of your kind words and encouragement. I'm feeling much better, but I also have a much greater respect for women with C-sections...I don't know how they do it!


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