Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday Memories

I feel like I've barely taken any pictures this week. It was my first full week back after surgery and let's just say I've been exhausted. I'm feeling much better but surprised at how my endurance and energy levels are still low. I know I'll get there, but I pray it will be soon. I start my training for the half I'm doing in April in February, so I only have a week left to reenergize!
E loves toothbrushes (weird kid I know) but he especially loves them when they have his favorite super heroes in them!
I love that these Bourbon and Boweties bangles match almost everything I own! They especially looked amazing with this Lilly dress!
You read about this ring a couple of weeks ago and then it got marked down half price ($30!!). Now friends, it's mine!
E and I had million errands to run on Friday...he's a great sport and looked so daper in his Polo vest!
I did two Target runs on Friday (two different stores) and got away with some amazing clearance items (spending less than $50 total...bam!). If you didn't see my Instagram post, my fav leopard booties from Target are on sale for $11 (not pictured)!!
Friday was a long day and this glass of wine was sooo needed (and it seems like most of my readers were excited about a glass too!)!
Ashley Brooke Designs sent me this awesome mug! I love when big deal bloggers take time for little bloggers like me! I especially love the message of this one: "Be Happy and Do Good." God help me to do live that out!
Saturday my bro's dog took me for a run. I felt exhausted (not normal) halfway in. I'm so frustrated with my runs right used to be so easy and I used to be I'm struggling!
Saturday I also had the most amazing opportunity to play makeup with Jana from Elijana Cosmetics and play dress up with clothes from Alta moda (and jewelry from Bent by Courtney and Bourbon and Boweties). My brother, Dylan Wilson Weddings, did the shoot. I cannot wait for y'all to see the pics and to read the post...this is going to be a good one.
I highly encourage you if you are in the Athens/Atlanta area to visit Elijana Cosmetics (more to come on this on a future post). You will feel beautiful, confident and radiant...I sure did (PS my mom and I have already planned another date there!!)!

Hope y'all had an amazing week! 


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