Saturday, January 4, 2014

Polyvore Outfit Challenge

I know I don't usually post on Saturday, but this is a special on below for more details (but don't expect for me to post every Saturday ;))

Polyvore Outfit Challenge

Myrtlewood green top

Studded jeans

Gray boots

Sports necklace

Charm jewelry

Knuckle ring

I was so excited when Amy, a modstylist from Modcloth, sent me an e-mailing asking if I wanted to participate in the Polyvore Outfit Challenge. The piece they e-mailed me was the Grand Tour Guide Top (I chose the teal color because it's my new favorite color to wear) to make an assemble out of. It was a lot of fun to look through all of the amazing clothes and accessories on the Modcloth website and decide what I would want to wear. The Modcloth site describes the Grand Tour Guide Top as: 

"You’ve been learning the layout of the new city that you now call home for a few weeks, and you’re finally feeling confident enough to show some friends around this weekend! Your stint as tour guide is sure to be made all the more enjoyable when you slip on this button-up blouse byMyrtlewood, sold exclusively at ModCloth, before heading out! As you show your pals the local hot spots and your favorite hangouts, you can’t help but fit right in with this breezy, teal-hued blouse, which features subtle shoulder gathering and a dainty Mandarin collar. When you pair your pretty piece with cuffed, dark-wash skinnies, canvas flats, and layered silver necklaces, you’re almost as excited about your casual-chic ensemble as you are about showing off your new stomping grounds!" 

So I thought about what I would wear around town. First off, I love that this top is loose and can be dressed up or down. I'd totally pair it with skinny jeans (like the Front Row Fashionista jeans). I'd throw on some simple jewelry like the Get Dressed Up Pup Necklace- Gooo Dawgs!, Dazzling Modifier Ring Set, the Tip Top Shape Earrings in Square and the Wrap Time Watch.

Lastly, there's not much that I love more than a pair of booties. I love these grey ones (and the bows are killer).

This would be such a fun outfit to run around town in and hang out with friends...something I would totally wear!

Thanks Modcloth and Polyvore!



  1. Oh my gosh, HOW FUN! I would love to participate in such a thing! And I love what you paired with the top! You know what color combo I am dying to try out that I saw recently? teal and orange. Slap on an orange scarf with that top and you're there, girl!

    1. Lady, you're would look great! Orange scares me though since I'm a bulldog and every team we hate is orange! Thanks for stopping by! Keep reading! Xoxo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Me too! And great deals!! Xo!