Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Apparently I'm having Blogger issues (I swear this uploaded last week...anyeay, this is a review of week before last).

This week has been a week of lots of rest. I'm feeling so much better but still sore and find that I tire myself out easily. I'm definitely on the mend and next week I hope to be close to 100%.
My family and the hub's coworkers sent flowers. So pretty!
I laid in bed a lot this week...with coffee in hand of course!
E and Milly were super sweet and cuddly!
And then I ate tiramisu (my fav) in bed :)
My coworkers blessed us with a huge meal (another sweet friend also brought us a delicious dinner but I devoured it quickly)
I can't carry E down the stairs, so I let him nap on our bed with sweet!
My dad took E to get a much needed haircut...and he was way better behaved than when I take him.
Yesterday I wore leggings instead of gym pants. It felt like an accomplishment! Still no makeup but who cares?!



  1. I have 2 kids that sleep like that! Hope you have finally recovered and are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the pictures on the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

    1. Jill, isn't that funny?! I'm feeling much better! Thanks for stopping by!

      Xo, Julia