Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Faves: Elsa

I had a girlfriend the other day say to me, "I love your blog, but aren't you obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer? Why haven't you mentioned anything about Lilly?" Well, I am indeed obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer and I'm sure she'll get plenty of spotlight in the blog. So without further ado, let me introduce you to one of my favorite Lilly items: Elsa.

I probably own more than this now...okay, I do...I love them, I can't help them and you're about to see why.

The Elsa is insanely versatile. This one is a light-weight cotton with embroidery that I wore with jeans in Florida on Thanksgiving last year (think about how hot it is in Florida). I've also paired it with shorts in the spring/fall and it's super cute then too!

This is the same material as the yellow one, but I find that I can pair the white with literally everything. Obviously with teal jeans (and pink shoes) and orange fun!

And I've done it here too...jeans in one pic and cords (I wore this outfit to work) in the other.

This is one of my's made of a silk...see how flattering these things are?!

And probably my favorite Elsa...the black silk with gold studs. Worn with cords in one pic and leather leggings in the heck yeah!

The Lilly website sums up the silk one perfectly: "Get ready for a style epiphany: this silk blouse is the secret workhorse of your closet. You can wear this long sleeve silk top tucked in or worn out, sleeves pushed up or blissfully long, styled with a belt over leggings, peeking out from under a blazer, draped over the top of a pencil skirt...Elsa is one shirt with an endless number of looks year-round."

So there you have absolute favorite Lilly piece.