Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thankfulness Tuesday

So, I had planned this post as a post surgery post but I hadn't had the energy to write much. So what you'll get is short and sweet. I promise to get more substantive blog posts soon.

So it's been a week on the mend and I'm getting there. I'm so thankful that last week was over. I don't remember much about Monday at all and then the rest of the week seems to be an exhaustive blur too. I decided on Thursday to just take Motrin because I was tired of sleeping all day. That seemed to help, but of course made me feel more pain. I was finally able to shower on Thursday because my bandages got to come off! My only outing last week was Sunday School for an hour on Sunday...I had to take a nap after it. 

So today is only the second time that I've woken up, put on makeup and gone somewhere. I'm going to the office for a couple of hours today to pick up a few things. Then I'm headed home to work from home (and if I nap during my lunch, I won't feel bad).

So needless to say, it hasn't been a very exciting week. I get frustrated because I still can't lift E (which means we can't go anywhere since I can't put him in the car). I also get frustrated that I exhaust so quickly. I'm also antsy to run, but the thought of the friction on my wounds sounds miserable.

I'm praying I can get through today with some energy. I have work and dinner with my parents and then a baby shower. I may sleep all day tomorrow ;)

Thank you friends for reading and bearing with me. I'll be back soon!