Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Faves: Lounge Wear

Well, it only seemed appropriate that I write about lounge wear today, since I've been wearing it for the past week. I love dresses and it just about kills me to be wearing pants, but let's be honest...a dress and lying in bed isn't the best combo. So when I go home and "put on my stretchy pants" what am I putting on? Here are just a few of my favorite things.

First off, I hate shoes and I hate socks, but I LOVE these J.Crew Lodge moccasins. I have an old pair (that are red) that I have lived in the past week. They are uber comfy and sturdy enough to wear outside. They keep your feet nice and toasty too!

Y'all know how much I love Alta Moda and I LIVE in this t-shirt. It's super comfy and it comes in different designs! 

And lounge wear wouldn't be complete without stretchy pants like these fleece lined leggings from Kohls (y'all know how much I love Kohls)! I can't find the plain black ones online (they still sell them in store, but you can buy similar here). They're a lot cheaper than "name brand" running leggings, but I love them just the same. Well...actually, I haven't actually run in them yet ;)

This has been my wardrobe for the past week (but these are also my go-tos when I come home from work and want to wear something comfy). My friends are probably giggling because I rarely dress down. 

I promise to get back to better blog posts soon...tell me what you want to hear about! 


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