Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Faves: Alta moda

So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen a million pictures of the amazing things I have from Alta moda. Well, I HAVE to tell you about my favorite boutique in town (but also available online). The sweetest girl in the whole world, Lindsey, owns it...and boy does she know fashion. First off, the boutique is in an amazing old house on Milledge. And as soon as you walk in, you are greeted by her or one of her wonderful employees. The clothes are organized by item (shirts, dresses, etc.) thing that drives me crazy at other places is they have stuff all over the place). She has the most unique items (you aren't going to see her stuff on 1000s of Instagram pictures) and she really picks wisely. My favorite part of her store is all of her jewelry (I'm doing another post soon on her jewelry). The jewelry isn't just the latest trend and some "Made in China" crap. It's the real deal. It's stuff that's going to last and lots of classic pieces that people are going to wear forever.

So according to Alta Moda's site, which gives a way better description than I ever could, "Alta moda was founded in 2013 by Lindsey McKinney with a simple bring new fashion and great customer service to the Athens, GA area. After following the fashion industry for over 10 years and working as a Marketing Supervisor for a world leading Insurance Company, she decided to jump feet first into the retail market after 3 years of preparation and after much support from her family and friends.

She set out first for a brick and mortar location. a beautifully restored Victorian House on historic Milldege Ave. A private parking lot was a top priority. Every thing else soon fell into place after falling in love with the location.

Alta Moda means "high fashion" in italian...a name chosen for her love of a country that's full of unique and innovative clothing, shoes and accessories."

Isn't her store beautiful?! And of course she is too!!!

If you're shopping in town and you have a kiddo, Lindsey has thought about that too. She has a kids playroom! E loves to play with the toys and watch a movie while Mama (I) get to walk around child-free and shop! Pretty darn awesome, huh?!

So what am I loving at her store right now (i.e. my birthday is coming up...)?!
I'm dying for this ring. I try it on every.single.time I go into Alta moda. Seriously people, I'm in love (I'll probably cry if I don't get this before it sells out).

I also really really want this necklace by Bent by Courtney (blog post coming soon on her). Isn't it gorgeous?!

And of course I love all of the Bourbon and Boweties bangles (I'm really holding out for a Costa Rica coin one...and a shotgun shell one!)
 And I'm crazy about some plaid! I love both of these tops: here and here!
And of course, I had to include these amazing pillows (because I have on in my office). Love them!

There will be plenty more posts about this amazing business...this is just the start of it!

Seriously, you have to check out Alta's beyond amazing! PS Tell Lindsey I sent you!