Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Faves: 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas by juliawmills featuring silk blouses

Well, there's 12 days before Christmas and these are 12 gifts that I'm hoping my true love brings to me (okay or that I find on sale after Christmas). Let's be honest, there's not much better than coffee, jewelry and clothes. I'm loving all of these things and can't wait to have them in my closet and jewelry box!

Lilly pulitzer dress

Lilly Pulitzer silk blouse

Vineyard Vines clothing
$120 -

J Crew clothing

Tory Burch ballet flat
$335 -

Tory burch flat
$330 -

Longchamp shoulder bag

Elsa Peretti pendant

Tory burch jewelry

Kate Spade stud earrings


  1. That shoulder bag is perfect! I adore it! And thank you for checking out my blog! I just followed yours, and I would love a follow back! Can't wait to see more posts!

    Maggie D. xx

    1. Thanks for your comment! Love your blog! Xo!!

  2. I love the two pair of ballet flats you choose for this post! Beautiful post!


  3. I love the two pairs of flats :)) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! :)

    1. Tory Burch flats are the them! Xo!