Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Notecards

Y'all, I truly believe in handwritten notes. I think they make a world of difference and are basically non-existent (which makes me super sad). I think it's so important to send thank you notes and E will grow up doing so. Yes, I'm guilty of sending e-mails to people to thank them, but what a difference it makes when you hand write one!

So I found these great notecards in the Target Dollar Bin ( Aren't they adorable?! It's an 8-pack for $1 and they are good quality and the envelopes are even cute. I can't wait to write away on these babies!

So rush on to your Target Dollar Bin (and I bet you'll find a few more amazing things too).




  1. My mom made me handwritten thank you notes from a very young age. At the time, I can't say I didn't complain but now I am so thankful!!!

    1. Nina, I think it just means more, right? People don't expect it these days, so it means even more than it used to! Xo!