Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wellness Wednesday: Rodan & Fields

And once again, I avoid the workout post this's Christmas day, I thought we could celebrate with a wonderful gift I believe you can give yourself this year (even though today is Christmas, you still deserve a special treat). One of my goals in the upcoming year is to really feel more confident. I really hate my skin...and I'm terribly embarrassed to go anywhere without make-up on. It's true, this is a BIG insecurity of mine. Now that you all know, you'll probably check my skin out in every picture and I'll feel even more self-conscious...teasing! So, when I had the opportunity to try and amazing skincare product that people really believe in, I couldn't resist.

It's not often that I get an evening that I'm not chasing a 2.5 year old around plus a dog, so I really wanted to take advantage of pampering myself (just a little bit). I began massaging the Micro-Dermabrasion paste on my face (avoiding the eye area) for about 60 seconds. I really felt like I was cleaning all of the impurities out of my skin (I totally feel like I need to do this once a week). I then rinsed my face off and dried it completely. Next was the most amazing step of all: I put the Night Recovery Serum all over my face (once again, avoiding the eye area) and man did my face feel amazing. I topped it off with the Lip Renewing Serum which made my lips feel super smooth (my lips have been so dry from the wind and running in the cold).

Y'all, I can't explain to you how smooth my face felt. I even made my husband feel it (I'm pretty sure he thought I was a weirdo). My make-up glided on flawlessly and my lips are still nice and moisturized. I'm pretty sure I need everything in this kit! (I do have a birthday coming up...)

Rodan + Fields products are pretty darn amazing. According to their website, "Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists are committed to connecting you with the products, the knowledge, the resources and the opportunities to change your skin and to change your life. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution, launched Rodan + Fields Dermatologists to extend their vision of bringing dermatology based skincare solutions to everyone." "With Rodan + Fields, looking good and feeling confident has never been easier and it's all possible without a trip to the dermatologist's office. Our products are clinically proven to deliver on their promises and this has led to a large and loyal customer base. We’re so confident that you’ll experience real results that all of our products come with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee."

The products are sold by independent consultants who run their own virtual franchise. For information about the products and/or a business venture, visit Kelly's page:

You can also purchase products from Kelly's page (she is amazing and is super helpful in identifying which products you really need) and receive a free mini-facial (like the kit I described above) when you become a preferred customer (PC). No code needed for this offer. Also, when you become a preferred customer you will get 10% off and free shipping on your order and all future orders. 

You can also click on the Solutions Tool and figure out what products are best for you.  

I promise, you really will love these products (and Kelly too).



**Disclosure: I was provided a sample for purpose of the review, but the opinions expressed are my own

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