Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu Monday: Fajita Chicken

So this is without a doubt one of the easiest meals you'll ever make and I swear your whole family will love it. I have no idea where I learned about making fajita chicken this way, but I've been doing it for years and it's totally a staple on days when I know I'm not going to get to cook. There are just a few simple steps!

First, put thawed chicken breast in your crockpot and pour a container of salsa (any kind of salsa you want) over it.

I cook the chicken on high for 6-8 hours (you'll want the chicken so tender that it falls apart.

After the check has cooked for a couple of hours, I add peppers and onions. You can use the frozen ones you buy at the grocery or you can cut up fresh peppers and onions (whichever way is fine).

Okay so your peppers and chicken should continue cooking 4-6 hours on high (I don't know that you could overcook this because there's so much liquid).

Using a spoon, start pulling your chicken apart. Then you're going to load it up on a tortilla (we like flour). I top them off with cheese, sour cream and guac.

And then roll it up like a burrito or fajita :)

I make up a batch of black beans (or refried if you prefer) and yellow rice.

That's it! So easy, so yummy and I swear your kids will love it!


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