Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

I can't believe it's the week before Christmas! I finally got my Christmas cards but still haven't wrapped one thing! Oh well! It's been a week of Christmas parties and fun with our family. Just a few pictures of what we've been up to this week!

We had the hub's office Christmas party at our house this year and copy-cated on of my besties on this appetizer tree (it's actually a lot harder to make than you think). Hopefully the video below of E playing the harmonica works. He stole it from one of Jon's co-workers for white elephant. He was actually pretty darn good!
Hope this sweet video works!
 Who knows what E got into on Monday but he ended up with blood gushing from his face...thankfully, Spider-Man makes everything better (I was desperately trying to avoid the ER).
How amazing is this necklace by Bent by Courtney from Alta Moda?! I'm obsessed and I get to wear it for y'all and write about these amazing companies (stay tuned, it won't be too much the meantime, check out their sites).
I promised to always be a "real" blogger...well this really happened...I was wearing a leather skirt that day too...rough.
E had a fashion show while I was showering. I'm pretty sure he was impressed with his shoe style :)
My office always gives him gifts at Christmas. He was thrilled with a Hess truck, a chocolate tree and a snowman box :)
 And some days, you just have to wear leopard heels.
We made gingerbread houses with our sweet neighbors on Friday...E lasted a good 10 minutes, he was way more interested in eating the candy (still is).
I went running with my brother's dog on Saturday...I was supposed to wear her out...sike...she killed me. We did the first half mile in 3 minutes. The rest was slower, but still I was dead.
We celebrated Christmas with my grandmother and aunt/uncle/cousins. E thought he should eat the butter at the country club (he's definitely well-mannered and refined).
 And we ended the weekend with lots of yummy dessert at Anna and Papa's and a million more bots.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend as we enter the week before Christmas!



  1. My kids also love eating WAY more of the gingerbread houses than building them! Too cute!!

    1. Lady, E's attention span is about long enough to put 5 pieces of candy on it. Oh well! Xoxo!