Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Faves: Christmas Gifts

I hope that all of your Christmas wishes came true. Mine sure did. I got some amazing gifts and I'm only featuring a few of them on the blog today (so I don't go on and on and on). Truth is that this year I'd much rather give E Christmas gifts than even worry about getting anything. The hubs and I decided not to do gifts this year's just easier that way. So without further ado, my Christmas favs.

Why hello there monogram sweater. This Old Navy sweater (from one of my dear friends) is super cute and so cheaper than the Lilly Pulitzer sweater (though I wouldn't argue if someone gave me the Lilly one).
So maybe one day the weather will get cool enough for me to actually wear my Shep shirt, but Vineyard Vines Shep shirts are so nice and cozy. The best part about these is you can throw them on with anything...leggings, jeans, t-shirt, button-up. Size-up on these babies because if you're going to wear anything under it, you'll want a bigger size :)
Did you really think I wasn't going to get a ton of Lilly Pulitzer dresses for Christmas? Obsessed with these two dresses (can it PLEASE be warm enough to wear them now?!). I'm totally busting out the Paula Sweater dress with leggings and boots!
I also won't complain about the bottle of champs we got and many other amazing gifts (I told you, I was only featuring a few).

May you enjoy your Christmas gifts as much as I do :)


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